HOPE was formed in 1999 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In a little over a decade, HOPE has captured the imagination of the nation. Facilities have been created to accommodate 67 students in 2013 from 6 in 1999 a increase of 91% just depending on personal funding from the founder and private donations. We still have close to 60 children from needy families on our waiting list but our current financial situation is limited.

HOPE for Exceptional needs started in 2 rooms and after 15 years it is in a Villa with 23 rooms. Currently it hosts a Swimming Pool(providing Hydro Therapy), Taekwondo Classes & Yoga (providing Movement Therapy) a full-fledged Library, a Physiotherapy room, an Occupational therapy room, A Running in-house cafeteria serving special diets to all students, Fire-Alarm Systems, Emergency Exits, Security Cameras, Elevator, 26 teachers & staff including a dietician, nutritionist, therapist, 16 maids, 5 school buses and drivers. Currently HOPE caters to 23 different nationalities of diverse cultures making it the only multi lingual and multi-cultural organization in KSA. From meagre personal resources to major grants from Int’l Powers and Boeing Inc. and other Philanthropists – it’s still making a difference. It is currently ranked amongst the top 10 rehab centers in Saudi Arabia. HOPE is the only life skills Center in Saudi Arabia that offers services for over 16 disorders. HOPE was rated as one of the top 14 Centers for special needs in Saudi Arabia and in 2004 as the only multilingual Center by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

HOPE has successfully catered to 350 special needs students with various mental, physical disabilities & disorders out of which more than 20 children have integrated into normal schools and many more are capable to find suitable jobs in society. HOPE has successfully managed to continue its operation without any government support since the last 14 years making it the only non-profit organization where parents pay according to their income and 75% of the students belong to low-income group families. It got registered under Jeddah Commerce and Industry in 2009. It is the proud recipient of various International awards and it provides Community Programs such as Student internship, EDY training, Workshops and Parents Counseling & Services.