Fee Structure


As a non-profit Center, HOPE for Exceptional Needs is predominantly dependent on fees as its primary base to fund its activities. General tuition fees ensure the continuing quality of the center’s programs. All funds each year are used to operate the Centre, provide quality resources and prepare us financially for our future needs.

However, as we are a not for profit organization we endeavor to send no parent and child away. In that case we do work out a Fees structure based on a sliding scale as per the income of the family.

Our School year starts from August-June. The first term is from August- January and second term from February-June.


Tuition is assessed on a full year basis for students entering the Center for the first semester, which begins in the month of August. Tuition may be paid in full or in two installments as set out below.

Payment must be made prior to the start of the year for Semester I and Early January for Semester II.

Registration 500
Tuition 15000 15000
Transportation 2500 2500
Bus Insurance 200
Misc. 40
TOTAL 18040 17700

Registration FEE

A one-time non-refundable registration fee of SAR 500 is payable for all students upon entering the Center for the first time.

Tuition FEE

Full Fees for each semester is SAR 15000 (NON-REFUNDABLE).

Transportation FEE

HOPE for exceptional Needs provide an optional transportation-School bus to pick and drop its students. The non-refundable transportation fees is SAR 2500 per semester. Increase in the Transportation Fee will be at the discretion of the management as and when such increase occurs. Also, a Bus Insurance fee of SAR 200 is charges with the fees in the second semester.


It includes SAR 40 for communication Dairy.


HOPE for exceptional needs Management reserves the right to adjust all the above-mentioned fees. Parents will be notified of any such adjustment as far in advance as possible.