Therapeutic Services

  • Occupational Services

    OT is given to those children with concerns regarding fine motor, sensory integration & motor planning. The above issues are treated through develop and purposeful activities that develop and improve skills needed for everyday independent.

  • Speech & Language Pathology

    This department addresses all kinds of speech & language disorders. The type of treatment is based on individual needs and is decided by the therapist. 

  • Hydro Therapy

    Here water is used as a primary mode of therapy. Water gives buoyancy and it is beneficial for loosening muscles and joints & also gives a good workout.

  • Art Therapy

    Here, Art is used as a primary mode of communication. It aids the child in expressing its thoughts & feeling through visual representation. 

  • Movement Therapy

    Here, natural rhythms of the body and used to relax, develop self-confidence and communicate ones thoughts & feelings in a non-verbal form. 

  • Physiotherapy

    Physiotherapy aims at helping children Maintain, Recover and improve their physical abilities. It involves prescription or assistance with specific Exercises, Manual Therapy, Education, Manipulation and other intervention.